D Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration—Surface Ozone Cracking Outdoors (Triangular Specimens) Standard + Redline PDF Bundle. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D on Rubber. CCSi Ultra-Life molds are manufactured from homogenous, solid, high carbon content A2 mold steel. Each undergoes precision grinding and CNC (Computer.

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    ASTM Standards: D Test Method for Rubber Deterioration—Surface. Ozone Cracking in a Chamber2. D Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration: . Home; ASTM D standard by ASTM International, 06/01/ . View all product details PDF;; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart. Previously published ASTM documents Test Method. D and Test Cracking. D Test Method for Rubber Deterioration—Surface.

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    Apparatus 5. Referenced Documents outside diameter, suitably coated with spar varnish or a clear 2. Cracking2 5.

    Test Specimen Laboratory Test Chambers2 6. Summary of Test Method molded, extruded, or sponge section with a continuous skin or surface layer, mm 10 in. The cross-sectional dimensions shall be as shown in section specimens, for mounting them in strained condition Fig. Duplicate specimens shall be tested. The finish of the specimens shall be as smooth as possible. Current edition approved Nov. Published December Originally published as D 51 T. Last previous edition D Procedure by the purchaser and the seller.

    Form the specimens into a loop by of 50 6 5 mPa partial ozone pressure, unless otherwise placing the mm 0. They may be used for routine testing once calibrated against the reference UV method. UV absorption is adopted as the reference method against which the others shall be calibrated. It is an absolute test method and is in common use by environmental protection agencies for the determination of pollutant ozone in air see 2.

    Although these test methods are concerned with ozone analysis, it also draws attention to the in? As described in Appendix X2, the variation in ozone resistance that can result between laboratories operating at signi? Scope 1. Method A UV absorption is speci? These methods are primarily intended for use with tests for determining rubber 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on Rubber and are the direct responsibility of Subcommittee D Current edition approved July 1, Published August Originally approved in Last previous edition approved in as D — 99 See Appendix X2 for an explanation of the change to partial pressure in millipascals mPa.

    No other units of measurement are included in this standard. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

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    For a speci? Referenced Documents 2. Summary of Methods 3. UV energy wavelength nm passes through the cell and the resultant energy is detected at the other end. The degree of absorption is dependent on the number of ozone molecules in the path.

    The absorption is compared to the absorption with zero ozone and the difference in energy received at the detector is converted into an electrical output and measured.

    See Appendix X2 for more details and information. This emission is measured on a photomultiplier and converted to an electrical output. The iodine liberated from the solution is ionized at the cathode and is transported to the anode by turbulence. At the anode, insoluble HgI is formed with the release of ionic charges equivalent to the ozone content of the O3-air stream.

    The last approved version of this historical standard is referenced on www.

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    Capitol St. After a? The solution contains buffered KI and an amount of sodium thiosulfate to permit exhaustive absorption in 20 to 30 min total consumption of the sodium thiosulfate. At the endpoint, the voltage across the electrodes abruptly increases and the time of this increase is recorded. The time is related inversely to the ozone content.

    Certain additives such as antiozonants and waxes inhibit or prevent this cracking. Various rubbers and rubber formulations containing such additives are customarily evaluated under static or dynamic tensile strain in laboratory ozone chambers.

    For additional information on ozone analysis, refer to Code of Federal Regulations; Title 40 Parts 1 to Hazards 5. Consult and follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations regarding exposure to ozone. Calibration of Nonreference Methods 6. This system generates reference levels of ozone, but it does not function as an analyzer.

    See Appendix X2 for more information. This is normally a UV lamp,? The tubing for the ozonized air should be clean, PTFE or glass, and be as short as possible. Select the lowest level and adjust the 2 D — 09 generator.

    Record the average ozone level. Record the average ozone level measured with the secondary device. Sampling 7. The line shall be as short as practicable and, unless otherwise speci? The line shall be designed so as to prevent ingress of contaminants.

    The combination of length and bore of the sampling line should be such as to minimize residence time of the sample without producing undue pressure drop.

    Preparation of Apparatus 8. Feed the zero air directly to the instrument and adjust the zero control after allowing sufficient stabilization time. See Table 1. See also X2. The value as calculated from Eq 2 is called the corrected ozone concentration, O3 corr.

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    Various commercial systems may be used provided they indicate ozone concentration to the same accuracy and precision as speci? The procedure with the No. Recalibrate the instrument through that part of the sampling system dedicated to the instrument. The indicated value shall conform proportionally to the value of span drift given in Table 1.

    Preparation of Apparatus 9. This may be a chemiluminescence or an electrochemical device. Calibration See 8. General Theory To prepare the buffer solution having a pH of 6. Here tomorrow. Danfoss' Industrial Automation Division develops, manufactures and markets pressure and temperature controls and industrial valves.

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